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In this page you can find friend-blogs, they are published either in Italian or English:

(IT)  THE VIOLET EYE: The blog of an Italian friend, he likes to publish opinions that I do not support, however his analysis is usually consistent with his ideology. So let's share his ideas! What harm can they do? He likes to describe his blog as: "Senza fronzoli e inutili estetismi accessori: un blog aggiornato senza assiduità che probabilmente a nessuno interesserà leggere." (Without useless accessories: an updated blog, without absurdities that will probably catch no attention at all). I don't know if it will catch your attention, however it is definitely worth a look!

(ENGL) SILVER STREET 91: Opinions, thoughts and ideas of a Vietnamese girl who jumps around the whole globe. As she describes it: "This blog is for myself, so I do not want others to comment on it".

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